Proex Janitorial Service, Inc.
425 E Main St
Danville, IL 61832
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About Us in Danville, IL

Proex Janitorial Service Inc. is the only full-line cleaning service in Danville, IL and can handle all job requirements; no work is sub-contracted. We use only top of the line equipment and products for the best possible outcome. We also provide water, smoke and fire restoration, and “special needs” expertise for medical, industrial and commercial projects.

The main players in the company are:
Sherry Anderson,
CEO & President
Sales & Quality Control
Public Relations

Ryan Holstine,

VP & General Manager
Floor Crew Management
Quality Control
On-Site Staff Training
Special Projects
Client Services

Vacuum Cleaner - Cleaning Service in Danville, IL
Security is a high priority at Proex Janitorial Service Inc. Employees are required to pass background checks and drug testing. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Multi-million dollars of insurance coverage to provide worry free service.